1997 Colloquium: Economic Integration and Democratization


Integración Económica y Democratización: América Latina y Cuba
Editors: Pilar Álamos, Mauricio A. Font, José Augusto Guilhon Albuquerque, Francisco León

During the 1990s, the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union left Cuba’s state socialism facing the challenge of reintegration into a largely capitalist world society. At the same time, institutions championing democratic values and human rights were taking root across Latin America. This collection of essays – taken from the international conference, “Integración Económica y Democratización: América Latina y Cuba,” held in Santiago, Chile – examines the challenges confronting Cuba as it seeks to develop institutions and policies needed for international “re-insertion.” The essays explore Cuba’s relations with other Latin American countries and institutions, its regional economic integration, the environment for change within Cuba, the prospects for democratization and the environment for international insertion at the dawn of the 21st century.

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