US-Cuba Normalization

Statements on the One-Year Anniversary of the US-Cuba Normalization Process

On December 17, 2014 President Barack Obama announced a policy change intended to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Over this year, many steps have been taken to end “a failed policy of isolation,” including reestablishing diplomatic relations, facilitating greater travel, commerce, and building bridges between Cubans and Americas. This is a long-term process where the areas of mutual interest are being addressed, while the US insists in supporting democracy and human rights.

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Statement by the President on the Anniversary of Cuba Policy Changes (The White House) Cuba y EE.UU. han obtenido avances, asegura Josefina Vidal (Granma)
FACT SHEET: One-Year Anniversary of the President’s Policy of Engagement with Cuba (The White House) Un año después, el bloqueo sigue ahí (Granma)
One Year After Pledge To Fix Relations, U.S. Continues Diplomatic Dance With Cuba (NPR) Estados Unidos y Cuba reanudan el servicio de correo postal (El País)
Cuba-US Relations Update: Both Nations to Restore Direct Mail Service (Latin Post) Estados Unidos y Cuba, un deshielo incompleto (El País)
Cuba (The New York Times) EE.UU. y Cuba logran “entendimiento” para restaurar vuelos comerciales (Voz De América)
In Talks Over Seized U.S. Property, Havana Counters With Own Claim (The New York Times) Vaticinan que reacercamiento entre EEUU y Cuba superará los obstáculos (El Universal, Venezuela)
Cuba, U.S. Agree to Resume Regular Flights Amid Slow Normalization of Ties (The Wall Street Journal) Declaración del Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros General de Ejército Raúl Castro Ruz (Granma)
U.S., Cuba reach understanding on restoring commercial flights (Los Angeles Times) Casa Blanca está satisfecha con normalización de relaciones con Cuba (20 Minutos, México)
After half a century, U.S. and Cuba to resume scheduled flights (Reuters) EEUU pasa revista a 12 meses de relaciones con Cuba (Martí Noticias)
U.S.-Cuba relations: A year of change (Miami Herald)
U.S., Cuba to re-establish direct mail service in latest sign of normalizing relations (Washington Post)
US, Cuba near deal on restoring commercial flights (Fox News)
One year later: What’s changed – and what hasn’t – in U.S.-Cuba relations (USA Today)
One Year After Historic U.S.-Cuba Thaw, Assessing What’s Next (NBC News)
Obama ‘very much’ wants to go to Cuba (CNN)