Title USPS Issues Stamp To Help Kick Off Hispanic Heritage Month
Issue Date Oct 22, 1997
Place Published Jamaica
Publisher New York Voice Inc./ Harlem USA
Volume XXXIX
Issue 29
Pages 10
Language English
ISSN 10740465
Accession Number 368054644; SFLNSNYVI1297NVSB039000190
Record Number 325
Keywords Ethnic Interests
Federal government
Hispanic Americans
Minority & ethnic groups
del Junco, Tirso
Varela, Félix
Abstract The stamp issuance ceremony held in Miami at the Biltmore Hotel helped kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month. The Padre [Félix Varela] stamp is available at Miami-area post offices, and went on sale at post offices nationwide on September 16. Before coming to the U.S., Varela, who was born in 1788, was named Professor of Philosophy of the Seminary of San Carlos in Havana, Cuba, where he quickly distinguished himself as a great educator. During his professional career, Varela introduced numerous innovations in teaching and defending the principle – then considered strange – of giving women the same education as men.
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Copyright – Copyright New York Voice Inc./ Harlem USA Oct 22, 1997
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People – del Junco, Tirso; Varela, Felix
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