Trib­ute to José Martí

May 22, 2003 - 6:00 PM

Panel dis­cus­sion (In Spanish)


  • Ivan A. Schul­man
    Uni­ver­sity of Illinois
  • Oscar Mon­tero
    Lehman Col­lege and The Grad­u­ate Center
  • Mauri­cio Font
    Bild­ner Cen­ter for West­ern Hemi­sphere Stud­ies, The Grad­u­ate Cen­ter and Queens College
  • Esther Allen
    PEN Trans­la­tion Committee

La Vida Mod­erna y el Crítico de Arte
Ivan A. Schulman

Ivan A. Schul­man is Pro­fes­sor of Span­ish and Com­par­a­tive Lit­er­a­ture, Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois, Emer­i­tus; Research Asso­ciate, Uni­ver­sity of South Florida; Pro­fes­sor of His­panic Stud­ies, Florida Atlantic Uni­ver­sity; Vis­it­ing Pro­fes­sor, Florida Inter­na­tional Uni­ver­sity. Among his pub­li­ca­tions are:Colo­quio sobre la nov­ela his­panoamer­i­cana (1967), Géne­sis del mod­ernismo: Martí, Nájera, Silva, Casal (1968), El mod­ernismo his­panoamer­i­cano (1969a), Martí Darío y el mod­ernismo (1969b),Ver­sos libres de José Martí (1970a), Sím­bolo y color en la obra de José Martí (1970b), Relec­turas mar­tianas: nar­ración y nación (1994), Poesía mod­ernista his­panoamer­i­cana y española (1999), El proyecto incon­cluso: la vigen­cia del mod­ernismo (2002).

Por la Puerta Nat­ural: Martí en Dos Ríos
Oscar Mon­tero

Oscar Mon­tero is Pro­fes­sor of Latin Amer­i­can lit­er­a­ture at Lehman Col­lege and The Grad­u­ate Cen­ter of the City Uni­ver­sity of New York. He is the author
of The Name Game, (Chapel Hill, 1988) on Cuban writer Severo Sar­duy, and
Ero­tismo y rep­re­sentación en Julián del Casal, (Ams­ter­dam, 1993). His recent
pub­li­ca­tions include Casal y Maceo en La Habana ele­gante. Casa de las
Améri­cas 225
, (Octubre-Diciembre, 2001): 57–70. Do Latins Make Lousy Lovers? A rep­u­ta­tion revis­ited, Hop­scotch 2.1 (2000): 2–9. He is cur­rently work­ing on a book on José Martí. He has also writ­ten sev­eral arti­cles in dif­fer­ent mag­a­zines and lec­tures fre­quently on José Martí.

¿Martí, Após­tol de Qué?
Mauri­cio Font

Mauri­cio Font is direc­tor of the Bild­ner Cen­ter for West­ern Hemi­sphere Stud­ies and pro­fes­sor of soci­ol­ogy at The Grad­u­ate Cen­ter and Queens Col­lege, City Uni­ver­sity of New York. His research exam­ines prob­lems of devel­op­ment and reform in Brazil, Cuba and Latin Amer­ica as well as inter­na­tional coop­er­a­tion in the West­ern Hemi­sphere. Font’s cur­rent research focuses in part on reform processes in Latin Amer­ica, where insti­tu­tional and social actors at all lev­els of gov­ern­ment have advanced strate­gies to
address social needs and eco­nomic dis­par­i­ties.
Font’s pub­li­ca­tions on Brazil include: Cof­fee, Con­tention, and Change, (1990), Trans­form­ing Brazil: A Reform Era in Per­spec­tive, (2003), and Brazil­ian Sta­tism: Rise, Lim­its, and Decline, (forth­com­ing). He also edited and intro­duced Chart­ing a New Course: The Pol­i­tics of Glob­al­iza­tion and Social Trans­for­ma­tion, (2001), a vol­ume with twenty-six essays by Fer­nando Hen­rique Car­doso.
Font’s work on Cuba includes: co-editing Toward a New Cuba?, (1997), and Inte­gración económica y democ­ra­ti­zación: América Latina y Cuba, (1998). He is co-editor of Cuban Coun­ter­points: The Legacy of Fer­nando Ortiz, (forth­com­ing), and of La República Cubana y José Martí 1902–2002, (forth­com­ing).
He has also pub­lished a num­ber of essays on Latin Amer­ica, the North Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment and US-Latin Amer­ica rela­tions, Cuba, Brazil and the comparative-historical study of devel­op­ment tra­jec­to­ries in set­tler societies.

Martí en la His­to­ria Norteam­er­i­cana
Esther Allen

Esther Allen edited, trans­lated and anno­tated the Selected Writ­ings of José Martí, (Pen­guin Clas­sics, 2002) which was listed as one of the most notable books of the year by the Los Ange­les Times Book Review and is now in its third print­ing. She has trans­lated more than fif­teen other books from Span­ish and French, includ­ing Dark Back of Time by Javier Marías and The Book of Lamen­ta­tions by Rosario Castel­lanos, and she was co-translator of the Selected Non-Fiction of Jorge Luis Borges, (Viking, 1999) which won the National Book Crit­ics Cir­cle Award for Crit­i­cism. She is also the trans­la­tor of a forth­com­ing mem­oir by Alma Guiller­mo­pri­eto, about teach­ing dance at the Escuela Nacional de Artes in Cuba. Cur­rently Chair of the PEN Trans­la­tion Com­mit­tee, she has received Ful­bright and National Endow­ment for the Arts grants, and holds a Ph.D. in Com­par­a­tive Lit­er­a­ture from NYU.

Pre­sented in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Insti­tuto Cer­vantes and the Ph.D. Pro­gram in His­panic and Luso-Brazilian Lit­er­a­tures at the CUNY Grad­u­ate Cen­ter and the Bild­ner Cen­ter for West­ern Hemi­sphere Studies.