Cuba's Evolving Art Market

November 6, 2006 - 5:00 PM

Natania Remba
Guest Curator, Boston University Art Gallery

Darrel Couturier
Owner Director, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles

Cuba: The Art Revolution
A short film by Natasha Del Toro

Natania Remba will discuss how the evolution of both domestic and international markets for Cuban art is changing the way Cuban artists think about their work and at times influencing the art they ultimately produce; Darrel Couturier will address how, from his perspective as a gallery owner, ongoing changes in U.S.-Cuba politics and policy are shaping the market for the work of Cuban artists in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Natania Remba has been involved in the art world for over twenty years as a writer and curator. She has contributed to research articles on topics related to community-based art in Latino communities and has received scholarships from the Fundación México en Harvard, and Boston University. She has also been curator of several exhibitions including, Mixografia: Method and Medium, Twenty International Artists as well as One Hundred Years of Mexican Prints. She is currently working as guest curator for Boston University on an upcoming exhibition on contemporary Cuban art.
Darrel Couturier has been representing Cuban artists – primarily those residing and working in Cuba – since 1997. He has lectured on contemporary Cuban art at universities throughout California. Among the artists he represents is Alberto Korda, photographer of the iconic image of Che Guevarra.

In Cuba: The Art Revolution, which originally aired on the PBS series Rough Cut, filmmaker Natasha Del Toro travels to Cuba to meet two of its most acclaimed artists as well as others who make a good living selling their art to tourists in Havana.